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Where do I start?  I suppose I’m just a regular kinda dude…kinda, who fell down the rabbit hole of photography.  Love getting tagged in stupid memes on the daily and recently discovered a love for glitter.  I know your probably already thinking WTF haha.   I was always compelled to get into it but had no idea where to start or what I was trying to communicate.  One thing lead to another and some how I found myself creating and expressing myself in a way that words simply could not. It was therapeutic in a way.   It involved a curiosity in the craft and people. Lots of people.  Lots of connecting with all these different personalities and stories.  My philosophy and context behind what I do comes back to the same 3 words over and over again.  Curiosity, passion and being sentimental.  These words pump through my blood when I’m collaborating with my clients (ugh…clients sounds too clinical…make that muses) on their wedding day.  When you explore my work, I hope you get a sense of curiosity, sentiment and passion because thats how I see things while I’m shooting.  I cover around 40 weddings a year but that number seems to be creeping up which just blows my mind.  Mostly up and down our amazing Western Australian Coastline, with a handful of overseas and interstate weddings.

I’m the ridiculously proud Father of Mason & Scarlett who were born in 2012, roughly 1 minute apart.  Yes folks, they are twins and they are freaking awesome.  I have so much gratitude for the new perspective on life that they have introduced.  Its just an added bonus that I can now claim my lame (I mean amazing) jokes as ‘Dad jokes’.  When they were born I made the most hectic awkward crying noise and I shit you not.  Ask Tess.

2007 I bumped into this pretty awesome chick who turned out to be my next door neighbour.  Once we discovered that we shared an equal love of tomato sauce, we decided to get married, which we did in 2011.  Tess is the amazingly hard working woman (super Mum) that has always been there to help me chase my dreams.

Why do I shoot weddings?

“You need to do something with your photography” was one of the last things my dear friend said to me as we said goodbye for our last time. Not long after 2 close friends of ours formally got together they were burdened with the news of cancer. Set back after set back they chose to create some good news. Some positive news. So they chose to get married and have a celebration. They chose Tess and I to document their day. We had a job to do. We had a responsibility to our dear friends and their family. We had to capture the essence and reality of the day with respect and kindness. We had to shoot in a way that when they look back, they aren’t reminded of illness and sadness, it had to tell the story of a celebration, happiness, love and of joy. Ben thanked us for one of his most treasured gifts from the celebration…the photographs!

This profound experience made me realise.  I have a purpose.  I have a responsibility to families to harvest these memories in a way that they can not.  Creating an image that portrays a mood, feel, movement or detail which can take you back in time just blows my mind.  If I can do that for another family, well thats an honour.

Anyone who has shot with me will agree that, I can get pretty fired up and start jumping out of my skin.  Warning, it is CONTAGIOUS so strap yourself in for some fun!  If you find yourself connecting with my story and my work, I would love to hear from you.  Flick through an enquiry and lets get chatty!

Tyler Brown

About Us  photography


About Us  photography

About Us  photography About Us  photography