AIPP State and National Awards 2016

AIPP State and National Awards 2016

Back in 2014 when I left a pretty comfortable job as a production manage in a large factory, I had 2 goals. One was to find true happiness within myself and the second was to push myself as a photographer to an elite level and see where it might take me. To be honest I thought I would be a bit of a cruiser stay at home Dad looking after my twins while shooting the occasional wedding here and there.

After shooting 24 weddings in that first year I quickly realised there wouldn’t be any cruising. I quickly began to see things differently and a little more deeply. After joining the AIPP as an Accredited Member, I attended a couple of really helpful events. I began to pick up on the language and thought processes behind some of the award driven imagery. I managed to squeeze in 2 last minute prints in 2015 and and missed out on silvers by 3 and 3 points. What I did learn from the experience was super valuable and totally changed the way that I pre visualise and shoot my work. It also introduced me to the delicacy of printing.

2016 would push to 38 weddings. I was a lot more organised with my prints this year as well. I had no intention of getting any awards, all I wanted was some feedback and to see what I could learn from the whole experience. I submitted 7 prints.  5 of them managed to get up across 3 categories. 3 silvers in weddings, 1 silver in portrait and 1 silver in illustrative. After getting over the shock I started to realise that the hard work and long hours were paying off. Not in just a fulfilling way, but also in a development way.

This was one of my images that would go all the way to pick up a silver last the nationals in the open wedding category. Pretty stoked considering it was shot the week before the submission, at the incredible Treasury in Como which I had no idea existed until that morning.